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Galvanized Gabion

Hot dipped galvanized gabion has the zinc coating weight higher than 200 g/m², and different wire diameter may be different. 


Hot dipped galvanized gabion has the zinc coating weight higher than 200 g/m², and different wire diameter may be different. The thick zinc coating make the hot dipped gabion resist the harsh environments, even in the chemical, salty, rainy and other corrosive environments. Hot dipped galvanized gabion is widely used in the coastal, riverway controlling and other heavy duty and corrosive applications. Though the cost is higher than the electric galvanized gabion, but the longer service life and good appearance and performance are worthy for the cost.

Mesh Type:

· Woven gabions. The galvanized wires are woven into hexagonal meshes panels and different sizes of panels are combined by the lacing wire to form gabion cages for different applications. There are no welding points on the gabion surface, which can be used in the water related applications, such as coastal protection, bridge protection, riverway controlling and related projects.

· Welded gabions. Weld the joint of the neighbor wires and form flat panels with a series of square meshes, which is called galvanized welded gabion. The galvanized welded gabion is solid and rigid enough to resist the large impact from outside conditions. It is widely used for landscape constructions, fireplaces, retaining wall and other decorative and functional applications.

Specs of galvanized gabions
Item Length(m) Width(m) Height(m) Cells

Features of galvanized gabion:

·  Corrosion and rust resistance.

·  Acid and alkali resistance.

·  High tensile strength.

·  Wide range of applications

·  Economical.

·  Ecological.

Applications of galvanized gabion:

Galvanized gabion can be used in various applications, here are the following applications:

·  Retaining wall.

·  Channel lining.

·  Bridge protection.

·  Dam protection.

·  Riverbank protection.

·  Slope protection.

·  Coastal protection.

·  Flood controlling.

·  River regulation

·  Fireplace.

·  Landscape construction.

·  Gabion planter.

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